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Worth the Risk is a sexy romance book released on November 19, 2020.


Sidney Thorton is a driven, independent journalist whose big-city dreams never included settling down in a small town. But will Grayson and his adorable son sneak their way into Sidney's heart?

Grayson Malone swore off love a long time ago— the only family he needs is his energetic son, Luke. But when a no-nonsense journalist catches his eye, will this single dad open his heart again?


Chapter 1: Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Single dad Grayson Malone is sexy, smoldering, and so not your type... or so you think. When the contestant of your magazine's Hot Dad contest starts to sneak his way into your heart, will you let yourself fall? Or is Grayson truly worth the risk?

Chapter 2: Bringing the Heat

After Grayson's refusal to join the contest, you've decided to take a different approach. Will your appeal to Grayson's soft side lure him in?

Chapter 3: To the Rescue

Someone's cornered you in a bar alley— but Grayson has unexpectedly come to your rescue! Will he finally agree to help you now that he's shown his true colors?

Chapter 4: Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Your grand rescue at Grayson's hand has just hit the news! Will this revelation drive the two of you further apart, or will it be the start of something new?

Chapter 5: Kiss and Make Up

Grayson has just taken things to new heights with a kiss that knocked you off your feet. Will you drive him away, or will you dive into these new desires head first?

Chapter 6: Taking the Next Step

Grayson may have agreed to the contest, but he's a reluctant participant. How will you convince him this time? And what's going on with Luke?

Chapter 7: The Harvest Festival

You've made your way into his heart? And how will Sunnyville's Harvest Festival change things between you?

Chapter 8: Knock Knock

Your magazine's layout has gone under, and now it's on you to fix it while the Harvest Festival goes on outside. But an unexpected visitor might be the highlight of your night… and it's one Grayson Malone!

Chapter 9: The Snap of Desire

Grayson may have won your impromptu water fight, but now he's slipping his way into your heart. Will you both give in to your burning desires?

Chapter 10: Making Headlines

The newspaper hounds are once again on your trail about you and Grayson! Will your photography session with Grayson heat things up- or make more headlines?

Chapter 11: Way Too Deep

Your day takes a surprising turn when an unexpected visitor arrives: Luke! Will a picnic with Grayson's son be the perfect day out? Or are you getting in too deep with Grayson?

Chapter 12: Second Chances

After your run-in with Grayson, all you want is a redo. Will you and Grayson end this stalemate and come together stronger than ever? Or will he ever give you that second chance?

Chapter 13: Mountain Views

You and Grayson have finally embraced your budding relationship! And with Grayson whisking you away on a surprise date, will you soar to new heights?

Chapter 14: Taking It Up a Notch

After a magical date on the mountaintop, you're ready for anything Grayson has in store for you. So when he suggests a seductive escapade, will you give in to your deepest desires?

Chapter 15: Slipping Away

Your best friend, Zoey, has arrived in Sunnyville for a visit! But Grayson's radio silence keeps you on edge... until that tension is brought to a head.

Chapter 16: Meeting the Family

Your fight with Grayson has left you both reeling. But help can come from unexpected and the two of you are still caught in each other's orbit.

Chapter 17: Maternal Instincts

You've been left in charge of Luke for the evening! Do you have what it takes? And will your newfound connection with Grayson and Luke change your plans for the future?

Chapter 18: Total Eclipse

Grayson's just found out that you're leaving Sunnyville-for good. But will one last date be the risk you both need to take?

Chapter 19: Regrets and Revelations

Grayson has finally revealed the truth: he's still not over Claire. Will he accept you into his heart? Or is this the beginning of the end?

Chapter 20: One Last Risk to Take

You're back in Sunnyville for the end of the Hot Dad contest, following your heart right to Grayson. Will he finally let you in and take the risk?


  • It's the third book of the Everyday Heroes series.