What's the Scoop is a red carpet romance book that was released on April 3, 2021.


As an aspiring entertainment journalist, your star-studded professional dreams are a red-carpeted step away from becoming a reality— until your heart becomes involved. You'll have to dig deep to find out what’s the scoop?

April is an aspiring Hollywood vlogger/journalist who is on the edge of achieving her most ambitious career goals. Both men and women are drawn to her because of her unique charisma and her beauty.

Parker is a laid back, free-spirited camera person with a mysterious past. A recovering workaholic, Parker is very careful about keeping a healthy work-life balance, and avoids getting caught up in Hollywood drama– until she meets April.

Zach is steady and solid and his lived his life with a strong sense of values. As a self-made millionaire, he always tries to remember where he he came from and to keep looking forward at where he is going.

Hawk is a sexy bad boy Mixed Martial Artist turned actor. Despite being known as a hot-headed daredevil who doesn’t care about anyone or anything, Hawk is actually a rather soft and sensitive soul who just wants people who like him for who he is, not who they want him to be.

You and your best friend Malina do everything you can to get an exclusive interview with the mysterious DJ M!rrorball with a little help from a super hot stranger.


Chapter 1: Can't get you out of my Headline.

You and your best friend Malina do everything you can to get an exclusive interview with the mysterious DJ M!rrorball with a little help from a super hot stranger.

Chapter 2: Beauty and the Beats.

With a career-making interview hanging in the balance, perhaps you have more in common with a global superstar DJ than you could have ever imagined.

Chapter 3: New job, who dis?

It's the first day of your dream job. Between battling with your work nemesis and getting your sexy new assignment, you have no choice but to just jump in.

Chapter 4: Fallin' for you.

You crash land on your first day at work, but luckily, a couple of people are ready to pick you right back up.

Chapter 5: It's a Nude day.

You get a sweaty redo on your Hawk Cervantes Interview, and Parker is the one filming it. This could go one of two ways.

Chapter 6: You've got Blackmail

M!rrorball is being blackmailed and somehow you're to blame. Time to investigate who would want to throw you under the bus.

Chapter 7: Take it off

M!rrorball's helmet finally comes off, and the truth comes out.

Chapter 8: On the Rocks

Hawk shows up on your doorstep, unable to hold his alcohol or his secrets.

Chapter 9: Life's a Beach

A date invite, a romantic trip to the beach, and some unwanted publicity...what could go wrong?

Chapter 10: Raise the Roof

The reveal story is airing tonight, and M!rrorball is hosting a rooftop party to celebrate. Finally, the world will know his true face...but does he want them to?

Chapter 11: Bright Lights

With a ticket to the top of the EBN food chain, you get a taste of your potential future...and you might get a taste from Hawk too.

Chapter 12: Red Carpet

Rumble With your pick of a date to Hawk's big blockbuster premiere, the brewing battle for your heart kicks up a notch.

Chapter 13: Breaking News and Hearts

Caught in the middle of a love rectangle and on the receiving end of Kyle's low blows, you have some life-altering decisions to make.

Chapter 14: Fired Up

Kyle finally faces the consequences of his actions, and you get to reap the jet-setting. rewards.

Chapter 15: Red Carpet to the Runway

Back in LA, you get your next swanky assignment from Lucy and find yourself tangled in much more than a fashion faux-pas.

Chapter 16: Classy and Classified

Caught in the wrong place at the right time, you get some super scandalous info that could potentially change everything...

Chapter 17: Frosted Tips

Accused of being an unethical journalist, the only way to get yourself out of this mess is to get the real scoop yourself.

Chapter 18: Pass the Briefcase

Parker's secret is out, and she wants you to keep it quiet...and risk your career.

Chapter 19: The Ultimate Scoop

Your entertainment journalism career and your personal life have collided at top speed, and now you must decide in which direction your future should go.



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