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June 14
NEW Chapter 1-5

51942 cover big.jpg

A chance encounter with a handsome stranger changes your life and pushes you to take the first step towards embracing your beauty and the man of your dreams. READ MORE

June 7
Chapter 6-8

51963 cover big.jpg

Drew Markham is a stern — and distractingly sexy — professor with impossibly high standards. You're a brilliant graduate student with a flair for music and a will that bends to no one. When a blizzard throws the two of you together, will the tension spark into a fiery crescendo? READ MORE

June 15
Chapter 15-17


Your nemesis at Coronado has his revenge. Will you and Griffin team up to defeat him, or will Grundy prove to be your downfall? READ MORE

June 16
NEW Chapter 1-5

Love Coach Cover.jpg

When a streak of rejections has you on the verge of quitting men, you enlist your best friend, Hunter Cross, to teach you the art of seduction. Hunter is the charming playboy you've never seen "that way." So this is 100% safe... right? READ MORE

June 9
FINAL Chapter 10-12

51932 cover big.jpg

The surprise engagement announcement turns your world upside down when Matt suggests going for the real thing. But, as emotions run high, fighting your true feelings for Matt becomes impossible. READ MORE

June 10
NEW Chapter 1-5

51966 cover big.jpg

Freshly single after a long engagement, you're determined to make up for lost time. And who better to help burn your good-girl reputation to the ground than Bluelick’s sinfully sexy and mysterious new fire chief, Josh Bradley? But when someone starts lighting fires around town, will the heat between you be too much to handle? READ MORE

June 10
Chapter 15-17

51894 cover big new.jpg

Hearing from Hope means you're one step closer to leaving Bramble. But can you bear to leave Slate in the past? READ MORE

June 11
Chapter 5-8

51947 cover big.jpg

When you sign up to take an art class, you have no idea just how much it'll change your life. Later, you wake up from the crash. Can Dane? READ MORE

June 12
Chapter 12-14

51931 cover big.jpg

No matter how hard you try, you and Scott can't quite move on from past relationships. READ MORE


Dark Magic Mafia Cover.jpg

Stella Pozza is not an ordinary mafia princess, but nothing is what it seems in the world of dark magic. As a renowned thief, Stella has seen it all— until she meets Roe, a mysterious and charming stranger at a club. But a seductive moment turns into something greater after Stella learns he's her next mark. Will she steal more from him than just his heart? READ MORE

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