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Things Good Girls Don't Do is a sweet romance book released on September 9, 2019.

It's the first book of the Rock Canyon, Idaho Series.


Growing up, you are told to always be a "good girl." Be quiet. Be meek. Always smile and never voice your opinion. Enter Chase Trepasso: Rock Canyon, Idaho's silver-eyed bad boy with the devil's smile. Good girls don't kiss guys like Chase, but what's wrong with having him as your dirty little secret?


Chapter 1: The Chase Begins

Growing up, you are told to always be a "good girl." Be quiet. Be meek. Always smile and never voice your opinion. Enter Chase Trepasso: Rocky Canyon, Idaho's silver-eyed bad boy with the devil's smile. Good girls don't kiss guys like Chase, but what's wrong with having him as your dirty little secret?

Chapter 2: Expecting the Unexpected

As you prepared for the 4th of July festival, Chase Trepasso unexpectedly shows up to turn your whole world upside down. Will you go with the flow and expect the unexpected? Or will you fight these emotions that are possibly stirring within you?

Chapter 3: Death by a Thousand Cuts

What you find in that envelope in your hands is like death by a thousand cuts. What will you do to heal your wounded soul? What will it take for you to finally feel free?

Chapter 4: Things Good Girls Don't Do

Of all people in the world, it just had to be Chase Trepasso who finds your list of the top 10 things good girls don't do, but maybe that isn't just a bad thing after all... right?

Chapter 5: Delicate

The situation you're in right now is a delicate one. Hold your breath. Open your eyes. Do you have it in your heart to take the plunge and see the truth behind his silver eyes? Or will you look away and be blinded by the night?

Chapter 6: Heaven or Hell

Is this what heaven feels like? Or is this a taste of the Hell that's about to come? Is Chase Trepasso the devil everyone says he is? Or an angel with broken wings?

Chapter 7: Down the Rabbit Hole

Perhaps it's not too bad to sign the Devil's contract, especially when those silver eyes make it so easy to say "yes." Are you ready for a tumble down the rabbit hole?

Chapter 8: The First Step to a New You

Exactly how brave are you to take the first step towards becoming a new you? And will you accept Chase's encouragement to help you step out of your shell? This might be your only chance at a lasting impression. Don't screw it up.

Chapter 9: A Second First Impression

They say it's impossible to make a second first impression, but with your new hair and new look, maybe it is possible to change your image after all. But the real question you should be asking is this: will you follow your heart or will you let other people's opinions tell you what to do?

Chapter 10: A Taste of Courage

What does it mean to be brave and to face your fears? Will you sit there frozen by your insecurities? Or will you be brave and have a taste of courage?

Chapter 11: The Morning After

Last night was a roller coaster ride, but now that it's the morning after, will you make the decision to follow your heart? Or will you let the darkness of your own self-doubt consume you from the inside out?

Chapter 12: Shameless

Someone is about to walk in on you and Chase. Will you hold your head high because there's nothing to be ashamed of? Or will you bow to the mercy of the town's scrutiny?

Chapter 13: Showtime

The Rocky Canyon 4th of July Festival is about to begin! Will you let your true colors shine? Or will let yourself fade away?

Chapter 14: A Confrontation

Will you look Jimmy in the eye and tell that no good bastard the truth of how much he hurt you? Will you stand for Chase when he comes in to stand by you? Or will you cave to your cheating ex and let him walk all over you once more?

Chapter 15: Intertwined

Is it possible for two souls to be so intertwined with one another? Maybe with Chase, all things are possible.

Chapter 16: Pageant Queen

You're late for the Canyon Queen pageant! What will you do when you're asked the tough questions about your relationship with Chase? Freeze up? Or stand proud?

Chapter 17: Falling Star

As the pageant continues rolling, you find yourself in a battle of morals on what to do with Mrs. Andrews heckles and yells at the new Canyon Queen.

Chapter 18: Trust

It's all about trust as you and Chase learn how to open your hearts to each other. Will you discover his secrets and insecurities? Or will you just close yourself from him forever?

Chapter 19: Losses and Gains

A confrontation with your best friend might be the start of something you might lose forever. Will what you gain in the process be worth the sacrifice?

Chapter 20: Heart to Heart

Will you open your heart to Chase so that he opens his heart to yours? The choice is yours.

Chapter 21: Bittersweet

Your day spirals downward after you find out that Mrs. Andrews has turned the entire town of Rocky Canyon against you. Thankfully, Chase is there to make your bitter day just a little sweeter.

Chapter 22: Fireworks

What sort of explosions can you expect at the 4th of July fireworks festival? Will you be just a little adventurous and take the plunge into something... risky?

Chapter 23: Explosions

What sort of consequences will you face from your explosion of anger? Will you stand strong? Or will you let doubt cloud your heart and soul?

Chapter 24: How to Save a Life

It's a race against time as you hurry to the hospital where Chase's mother is currently dying. Will you be there for Chase in his darkest of time Or will you selfishly abandon him out of cowardice?

Chapter 25: Finale

Will your story have a happily ever after? Or will you forever be alone?

Hidden Diamonds

Chapter 18

Was it...

  1. "Itsy Bitsy Spider"?
  2. "You are my Sunshine"? DiamondIcon.png +1


The original author of the story is Codi Gary. Her welcoming message for readers of the book is:

Codi Gary loves writing books almost as much as she loves outings with her family and snuggling with her adorable fur babies. An RWA Honor Roll author of more than twenty romance novels and novellas, her goals are to make her readers laugh one minute and cry the next in the best way possible. When she isn't glued to her computer, she can be found reading fantastic books, catching upon all the shows she loves, and taking pictures of her beautiful kids.


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