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The Baller is a sexy romance book released on September 16, 2020.


Delilah Maddox is an ambitious new sports reporter ready to make a mark in a boy's world. Her personal life, however, leaves a lot to be desired. Enter, Brody Easton. Will this sexy quarterback unleash Delilah's playful side?

Sexy, arrogant Brody Easton is the ultimate player. Every woman wants to change him. But the truth is, all he needs is a woman worth changing for. Will you be the one to tame this player?


Chapter 1: Gunslinger

Brody Easton is a sexy, arrogant quarterback, and the ultimate player- both on the field and off. Sparks fly when you interview him before a big game, but do you have what it takes to tame this baller?

Chapter 2: Instant Replay

After accidentally dropping his towel during your live TV interview, Brody Easton wants to take you out to dinner! But will you date this player?

Chapter 3: Play Action

Even though you've made it clear that you wouldn't date Brody, he's not ready to give up. In fact, he has some presents in store for you. Can this player find a way into your heart?

Chapter 4: Blitz

Your boss has an important assignment for you: get Brody to say yes to a sit-down interview. Can you convince Brody to do this interview? And what will it cost you?

Chapter 5: Juke

Tonight's your dinner with Brody in exchange for an interview with Brody. Are you ready for Brody's undivided attention?

Chapter 6: Sweep

You and Brody have decided to be friends. But now there's a bouquet of roses in your office! What does it mean?

Chapter 7: Audible

Things are heating up between you and Brody. After spending a great evening getting to know him, are you ready to give him a chance?

Chapter 8: Pay Dirt

Brody is ready to try being in a relationship, and tonight's your first date with Brody. Are you ready for what he brings?

Chapter 9: Scoop and Score

This is it. After weeks of simmering sexual tension, will you go all the way with Brody?

Chapter 10: Icing The Kicker

After hearing of Colin's crass comment to you, Brody threashes Colin up. But what is the reason behind Brody and Colin's bad blood?

Chapter 11: Wildcat

Brody has been suspended for two weeks. You return to your hotel room to find him drunk and sad. Will Brody find comfort in your arms?

Chapter 12: Red Zone

As you and Brody grow closer, it's clear he's falling hard and fast for you. But can you make room in your heart for him?

Chapter 13: Hard Count

You may have run into a little snag when Brody's ex shows back up in town, but Brody is all in. Are you all in with Brody?

Chapter 14: Tampa-2

Brody is drunk and upset. Can you distract him from whatever is bothering him?

Chapter 15: Pick-6

Brody is on the phone, sounding like he's been crying. Only you can cheer him up. But will you?

Chapter 16: Wildcat

You started this morning happy until you found a woman's necklace in Brody's guest bath. What does this mean?

Chapter 17: Red Zone

You're in love with Brody! Now it's time to tell him.

Chapter 18: A-Gap

After finding Willow in Brody's hotel room, you left and did not turn back. Now Brody is on the phone. Will you hear him out?

Chapter 19: Any Given Sunday

After running into you at the dinner and making you cry, Brody is at the door to your hotel room. Can you make this right?

Chapter 20: Hail Mary

You know better than anyone what it means to have truly loved and lost. Will you give love a second chance?