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Stealing His Thunder is a spicy romance book that was released on February 20, 2021.


A fiery and independent thrill-seeker, Addison Kennedy goes after what she wants. So when she meets Fox Larson - the charming, dominant leader of Vegas's most notorious crime ring - she has her sights set on getting into his good graces, and his crew! Fox introduces her to a world of danger and pleasure, full of BDSM and quick getaways. But when she rushes headlong into danger, will Addison spin-out, or be able to keep control?

As the powerful, dominant leader of a crime ring, Fox Larson rules Las Vegas. But when the strong, wild Addison Kennedy waltzes into his life, Fox may have met his match. As hard as he tries to stay away, he can't resist bringing Addison into his dangerous, glittering world of BDSM and crime. But when the stakes are high, and the fate of his family hangs in the balance, will Fox fold, or make a bet that'll change his life forever?


Chapter 1: High Roller

Commanding and irresistible, Fox Larson rules the best criminal operation in Las Vegas. When you're thrown into his dark, dangerous world of BDSM and grand theft auto, you'll reach new peaks of adrenaline— and of pleasure. But as things heat up in Vegas and the stakes climb higher, will you be ready to bet it all on love?

Chapter 2: Place Your Bets

Fox will let you join his crew— if you pass the test. But this Dom is just as sexy as he is dangerous. When things heat up between you, will you be able to prove yourself? Or will you be the one who gets burned?

Chapter 3: Royal Flush

Fox Larson is sizzlingly hot, dangerous as hell, and your new target. But with a potential job on the line, will you be able to make Fox an offer he can't refuse?

Chapter 4: Card Shark

You made a sexy, high stakes bet with Fox! But when he takes you on your first real job, will you be able to keep up?

Chapter 5: I'm All In

You just got back from your first, adrenaline-packed job with Fox! When he takes you inside, will you be able to resist this sexy, commanding Dom? Or will things finally get hot and heavy in Vegas?

Chapter 6: Jackpot

Feathers and wrist cuffs are hot, but Fox Larson has even more in store for you. Are you ready for the hottest night of your life?

Chapter 7: Aces Wild

Every day with Fox is sexy, adrenaline-packed, and totally unexpected. But when your family needs you most, will you be able to bet big with this sizzlingly hot Dom, and save the day?

Chapter 8: Ante Up

Fox has you pinned against the sexiest car you've ever seen! Will you get hot and heavy in the garage?

Chapter 9: Full House

A cop is following you! Will you and Fox be able to escape?

Chapter 10: Going For Broke

It's hot and heavy in Vegas! Will tempers flare, or will you give yourself to Fox completely?

Chapter 11: Cards on the Table

Fox is almost ready to let you into his crew! But will you be able to make the cut?

Chapter 12: All or Nothing

Things are getting steamy between you and Fox at the club! Will you let him have his way with you?

Chapter 13: Dealer's Choice

Fox wants all of you. Will you surrender to this sizzlingly hot thief?

Chapter 14: Down to the Wire

A war has started between Vegas's rival gangs. When the chips are down, will you be able to protect Fox, and yourself?

Chapter 15: Luck of the Draw

Fox wants to fight for your relationship. But with the biggest job of your lives approaching, will you fold under the pressure?

Chapter 16: Upping the Ante

It's the night of the big job. Can you, and the crew, pull it off?

Chapter 17: Under Fire

Marcel has a gun pointed at Fox's heart! Will you be able to save the day, and the man you love?

Chapter 18: All Bets Are Off

The crew needs you to finish the job! Can you come through, and prove yourself to be one of the best thieves in Vegas?

Chapter 19: Bet On Me

You and Fox bet big, and survived the big job! But will you get your happily ever after?

Hidden Diamonds

Chapter 2

Are you...

  1. The leader?
  2. Going to tell them about me?
  3. Feeding me a line to get rid of me? DiamondIcon.png +1

I should text Fox something...

  1. Flirty.
  2. Sarcastic. DiamondIcon.png +1
  3. Sweet.

Shit! I need to...

  1. Swerve! DiamondIcon.png +1
  2. Hit the gas!
  3. Slam on the brakes!

Chapter 4

It was...

  1. When he says my name.
  2. When he gets a call from work. DiamondIcon.png +5
  3. When he says he wants the car in black.



  • It's the first book of the Masters of Adrenaline series.