Starstruck is a young adult book released on December 14, 2017.


  • Try surviving high school after a world-renowned actress suddenly puts her career on hold and enrolls in YOUR high school
  • Hollywood life isn’t what it seems, and you realize there's more to this media darling than meets the eye.
  • Romance is in the air, but can YOU avoid your crazy ex long enough to figure out this mess? 


Chapter 1: Frio

The secret's out! Global superstar Frio is retiring from her Hollywood career to enroll in a regular high school... yours! When your paths cross, things will never be the same.

Chapter 2: Romeo & Juliet

Glace is straight up nuts... right? To make matters worse, Denise has a surprise in store for you.

Chapter 3: Hitting the Town

A day out with your friends will do you some good, but that's not all this day holds.

Chapter 4: Eris

What's that lovely melody? And who is the drop-dead gorgeous chick acting like she knows Glace?

Chapter 5: Fever

Tensions are high, and so is your temperature. Things are about to get hot between you, Glace, and of course, Denise.

Chapter 6: Headstones and Heartbeats

Love, loss, or the latest gossip. Take your pick!

Chapter 7: Wherefore Art Thou Frio?

Fun Fact: "Wherefore" actually means "for what reason." So, why is Glace so famous anyways? Find out when she steps up as the Romeo to your Juliet in the school play! And hey, isn't there a kiss in it?

Chapter 8: Christmas Eve

Get ready for an unforgettable holiday between you and Glace...

Chapter 9: Blind Date!

Who is Patty's mysterious online cruash? Not to mention your mom's new beau! Time for some meet and greets.

Chapter 10: ____

Play as Glace to see this whirlwind romance from a new perspective.

Chapter 11: ____

More and more surprise guests and unexpected arrivals drop in! Are you ready to handle the latest drama bomb?

Chapter 12: ____

The truth comes out, now and forever. Glace's childhood crush is here.

Chapter 13: ____

Rick gets some comeuppance and mysteries get solved! But is this answer the one you wanted to hear?

Chapter 14: ____

Glace's real father is the last person you'd expect!

Chapter 15: ____

Twists and turns take their toll as you and Glace are forced to make some heavy decisions.

Chapter 16: Lost Time

For every year you spent apart, you and Glace are making new memories.

Chapter 17: The Cleverness of Me

It seems like Henry might have a bit of pixie dust up his sleeve as well - get ready for an unexpected adventure!

Chapter 18: Water Snake

Glace and Denise are stuck in a dangerous situation! Can they get themselves back to town safely?

Chapter 19: Second Star to the Right

Get a glimpse what Glace has been up to while her lover is finishing school in France. Somehow, life goes on, but does it still have meaning?

Chapter 20: Straight on Till Morning

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it - J.M. Barrie

Chapter 21: 5 Star Cooking At Home

You and Glace are living your dreams, but can you handle being in different countries again, after all you've been through together?


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