Robin Hood is a fantasy book released on November 5, 2018.


Are you ready to fight for what you believe?


Chapter 1: The Outlaw of Sherwood

Become the Outlaw of Sherwood in our first Chapters Original Story.

Chapter 2: A Royal Nuisance

A Prince and an Outlaw is enough risk on its own... what might happen with one more is soon to be known.

Chapter 3: The Scarlet Proposition

A new addition to your team offers a tempting challenge.

Chapter 4: Prince and Princess

Do you dare try and have your way with both?

Chapter 5: Trials in the Citadel

One in the woods and one in the city... this romance has already become a juggling act.

Chapter 6: Castle Lanshire

Time to take the fight to the barons.

Chapter 7: Love and War

The Sheriff gets a clue into your identity while you pay a visit to Prince Owain.

Chapter 8: Three's Company

Unexpected visitors makes for an odd day in Sherwood.

Chapter 9: To Dine with a King

You get more than you bargained for when you visit Princess Helena.

Chapter 10: Westminster Dreaming

A royal announcement brings you and Helena together for an interesting evening.

Chapter 11: Heart of London

After spending the night with Helena, you follow a familiar face into the heart of London.

Chapter 12: Malgoria Keep

This infamous Keep holds much more than treasure.

Chapter 13: The Contest

Time to put your skills to the ultimate test... but will your heart hold you back?

Chapter 14: Prison in the Sky

While Little John is locked away in a nightmare, you call upon on eof your loves to help get him back.

Chapter 15: The Prison-Break

Time to get Little John back...

Chapter 16: Fallout

You saved Little John, but the story's far from over... witness the fallout of all your good intentions.

Chapter 17: The Sheriff of Nottingham

It's time to face this devil once and for all.

Chapter 18: A Hero's Burden

Old friends leave, new ones arrive, and an army of villagers bring quite a surprise.

Chapter 19: Darkest Knight

You know not what awaits you as you ride toward Owain and Helena... all you know is there's no turning back now.

Chapter 20: A New Dawn

You don't always need a happy ending to live happily ever after.


The original author of the story is Kevin Sharp. There is no welcoming message for readers of the book.

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