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Pushing Her Limits is a spicy romance book released on December 9, 2020.


Mila is a no-nonsense career woman who's never considered submitting to a man in the bedroom. But when she meets Atlas Larson — a sexy, powerful Dom who makes her want things she never imagined — Mila is drawn in to his world. But with secrets of her own, will she be able to give herself over fully to Atlas? Or will she have to make a choice that'll change everything?

Atlas Larson is a powerful, commanding Dom who always gets what he wants. When he sets his eyes on BDSM novice Mila Palmer, he decides to open her eyes to a new world of sexual pleasures, and push her to the very limits of what's imaginable. But with secrets of his own, will he be able to protect Mila, and himself?


Chapter 1: You Know I'm No Good

You're an independent woman who has it all figured out - until you meet Atlas Larson, a kinky, unpredictable Dom with a dangerous side. Atlas can make any woman he wants fall at his feet, and demands a submissive who will surrender to him completely. As he opens your eyes to the seductive world of BDSM, will you let him push you to the very limits of pleasure?

Chapter 2: Back to Black

You're a detective and Atlas Larson is your number one suspect! Is this commanding, sizzlingly hot Dom a criminal? And to find out, how far will you have to go into his kinky world of BDSM?

Chapter 3: Addicted

You're going to a BDSM club for the first time! But when Atlas sparks a fire in you, he'll show you things about yourself that you never expected...

Chapter 4: Body and Soul

Atlas wants to play with you at the BDSM club! Are you kinky enough to go through with it?

Chapter 5: Stronger Than Me

Atlas has invited you a private room at the BDSM club! But are you ready to let yourself go for this sizzlingly hot Dom?

Chapter 6: Good Girl

Atlas just ordered you to get to your knees! Will you surrender fully to the demands of this hot, dangerous Dom?

Chapter 7: Surrender

After a wickedly hot night at the BDSM club with Atlas, your head is still spinning. Will you be able to focus on your investigation, or will you be drawn back into his sensual world of dominance, pleasure and pain?

Chapter 8: All of Me

Atlas has pushed you to the very limits of pleasure. But will you let him have all of you?

Chapter 9: Hot and Heavy

Atlas has opened your eyes to BDSM, but he's looking for a sub who will surrender to him completely. Are you ready to give him everything?

Chapter 10: Danger Zone

Atlas just asked you if you're a cop! Will he figure out your secret?

Chapter 11: Ice Cold

Atlas wants to try some kinky ice play with you! Will you be able to take the cold?

Chapter 12: Claim

Atlas wants you to meet his family! But are you ready for this big step in your relationship?

Chapter 13: Roleplay

Atlas has opened up a whole new world of pleasure. But will you trust him enough to let him give you everything you want?

Chapter 14: Meet Me the Middle

Atlas Larson is still your number one suspect. Will you be able to prove his innocence before he discovers your secret?

Chapter 15: Knife's Edge

Atlas showed up at your apartment unannounced! Are you ready for the kinky things he has planned?

Chapter 16: Final Countdown

You're getting kinky with Atlas! Will you let him go all the way?

Chapter 17: Collared

You're finally going to have sex with Atlas! Are you ready for the best night of your life?

Chapter 18: Breaking Point

You just discovered Atlas's dark secret! Will you be able to forgive him?

Chapter 19: Under Pressure

Atlas is a car thief! Will you turn him in? Or will you be able to protect the man you love?

Chapter 20: Best of Me

Atlas gave up his life of crime for you! But will you have your happily ever after?



  • It's the third book of the Masters of Adrenaline series,