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Missing Pieces is a road trip romance book that was released on July 31, 2021.


Hailey was an average bartender until Tyler Stevens stepped through the door. With her father's life on the hand, she needs to reach California ASAP! Is she willing to ride with this sexy stranger on the run?

Tyler Stevens carries the weight of the world with a body to rival Atlas. But what’s this captivating out-of-towner running from — and will he take you along?

Tyler Stevens carries the weight of the world with a body to rival Atlas. What’s this beguiling stranger running from — and will he take you along?


Chapter 1: Not Your Average Stranger

Tyler Stevens carries the weight of the world with a body to rival Atlas. What’s this beguiling stranger running from — and will he take you along?

Chapter 2: All Gas, No Breaks

A seductive stranger holds the keys to your future. Just how generous is he?

Chapter 3: Borders

If rules are meant to be broken, are lines meant to be crossed? Where do Tyler's lie?

Chapter 4: Rearview Regrets

Tyler's eyes are fixed on the road. When he glances in the rearview mirror, you can't help but wonder: just what the hell does he see?

Chapter 5: Hold On Tight

Every nugget of truth you unearth propels you faster and faster; don't forget to keep your eyes on the road. Anything could happen.

Chapter 6: Time to Kill

"Idle hands are the devil's playground," they say. Will you seek more than just shelter with Tyler?

Chapter 7: Familiar Faces

A man from Tyler's past may fease out the truth. Is Tyler willing to cough it up?

Chapter 8: Reconciliation

Tyler's heart is under lock and key, but you know by the way he looks at you, something is stirring beneath his surface.

Chapter 9: Missing Pieces

It all begins to fall into place: your hearts fit together like puzzle pieces, and you catch a glimpse in Tyler’s rearview mirror.

Chapter 10: Prisms & Perspectives

Truths bend in different angles, and Tyler's are no different. Now he's ready to set the record straight.

Chapter 11: Majesty

A visit to the Grand Canyon Sirro an opportunity for catharsis. Hold Tyler's hand and peer over a vast future ahood.

Chapter 12: City of Sin

What happens in Vegas... may follow you forever. Amid the blinding lights and bliss, what trouble will you and Tyler get into? And what will you learn?

Chapter 13: A Night to Remember

Tyler knows just the places to up in Las Vegas. A night of sweet sin awaits you- but is there more around the corner?

Chapter 14: Win Some, Lose Some

Tyler is off the hook and you reach Elana. But the ribbons that tie these stories up are too loose, and they're bound to unravel.

Chapter 15: Persona Non Grata

Not everything goes according to plan, but Tyler awaits with arms outstretched to catch you — all you have to do is trust.

Chapter 16: California Dreamin'

Spending what might be your last evening together, you and Tyler are determined to make a few lasting memories.

Chapter 17: Bait & Switch

An unexpected windfall breathes new life into your sails; the same can't be said for Tyler, whose waters grow stormier by the minute.

Chapter 18: Missing in Action

No word from Tyler, each day seems to crawl more slowly than the last. Will Tyler’s circumstances come to light?

Chapter 19: The Final Spring

Only a few pieces remain. Will you complete Tyler like no one has before?

Chapter 20: Completing the Puzzle

You and Tyler have a little one on the way! Can the two of you navigate the winding roads of parenthood?

Hidden Diamonds

Chapter 2


  1. How hard can it be?
  2. This is a learning opportunity!
  3. I'm a country girl from Indiana. Yes. DiamondIcon.png +1

Chapter 3

Tyler, that's...

  1. Sweet. DiamondIcon.png +1
  2. Silly.
  3. Stupid.



  • It's the third book of the Men of Manhattan Series.