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Instant Gratification is a small town romance book that was released on October 4, 2021.


A consummate workaholic, Dr. Emma Sinclaire wants nothing more than to spend her days in Manhattan's fast-paced ER. But when her father's illness forces her to return back to the sleepy town of Wishful, she's resigned to make it through the mind-numbingly slow days until his recovery. Luckily, Wishful's hottest bachelor is determined to spice up her stay and bother her in the best of ways.

Outdoor enthusiast and daredevil Stone Wilder is no stranger to trouble, and trouble is exactly what lands him on Emma Sinclaire's exam table. The prickly doctor's already turned him down once before, but maybe that's what makes her even more irresistible.

Stone Wilder is the town's hottest bachelor — rugged, sexy, and completely off limits to you. But when he makes a surprise visit to your clinic, will you cave in and taste the forbidden fruit?


Chapter 1: Private Practice

Stone Wilder is the town's hottest bachelor — rugged, sexy, and completely off limits to you. But when he makes a surprise visit to your clinic, will you cave in and taste the forbidden fruit?

Chapter 2: Business & Pleasure

Stone Wilder is full of unexpected surprises, but you're not ready for the one he's about to drop on you.

Chapter 3: Midnight Call

If Stone Wilder is the exact opposite of everything you want, why is he so hard to resist?

Chapter 4: An Apple a Day

A visit from Stone is never dull, but your newest patient may test your limits in an entirely different way.

Chapter 5: Keeps the Doctor Away

When a trip to the grocery store ends in a surprise proposition from Stone, what will you choose?

Chapter 6: Double Trouble

Everything's best in moderation, and that includes the excitement your best friend is bringing to Wishful. Will his visit be a much-needed respite for you, or will it result in new headaches?

Chapter 7: Doctor's Orders

You arrive at your father's home to find both him and Stone attempting to undo oll your hard work. Why are they together, and most importantly, do they both have a death wish?

Chapter 8: The Bet

After your blow-up at your father, you're past due for letting off a little steam. Thankfully, Stope has a few ideas on how to manage that.

Chapter 9: The Wager

You've lost the bet at Moody's and now it's time for Stone to collect. What exactly does he have planned for you?

Chapter 10: Breathless

Your innocent wager with Stone turns into something much more this evening. Will you just lose your clothes or will you lose your senses to him as well?

Chapter 11: Blaze

The connection between you and Stone is undeniable so why try to deny it any longer?

Chapter 12:

After Stone catches you in a compromising position with Spencer, you race after him to set things right. Will you be able to convince him of the truth, or will he be lost to you forever?

Chapter 13:

Coming Soon...

Chapter 14:

Coming Soon...

Chapter 15: The Challenge

An intimate moment with Stone leaves you scrambling to distance yourself. Except that's easier said than done when you're stuck in a closet with him.

Chapter 16:Lifeline

Finally after all this time, you've gotten your hands on your father's medical records, and its contents are about to change everything.

Chapter 17: Racing Thoughts

How is Stone supposed to teach you how to loosen up and relax, when everything about him does the opposite to you?

Chapter 18: Close Your Eyes

With the sale of your father's clinic, your time in Wishful draws to a close. Except Stone's not ready for you to go yet, and he's planned a night to remember.

Chapter 19: Intentional

A magical evening with Stone ends in a nuclear bomb of a question. What will his answer be?

Chapter 20: Homecoming

The clinic is gone. You're free. You've gone back to your apartment, job, and life, but why does it feel like there's something still missing?



  • It's the second book of the Wilder Series.