Houston, We Have a Problem is a lifeguard romance book that was released on April 29, 2021.


Josie is a perky, upbeat resident in a Florida hospital. She is a dedicated, brilliant doctor and surgeon in training who has a way with patients and people that is rare and delightful.

Houston is the strong, serious new surgeon, who is hyper focused on his career and believes he doesn’t have time for romance—until he meets Dr. Josie Atkins.

Your newest coworker, sexy surgeon Houston Hayes, is hotter than a doctor has any right to be. You can't help but notice– and he's noticed you, too. But when Houston suggests a one-night stand to defuse your sexual tension, can you keep it to only one night?

He wants to keep you overnight for observation; you want him to keep you forever.


Chapter 1: Nerves of Steel

Acadia Hospital's newest surgeon finally arrives, and you're determined to impress him and kickstart your career. But nothing could prepare you for Dr. Houston Hayes and the inferno of attraction that pulls you together.

Chapter 2: Bombs Away

Things heat up between you and Houston after he makes you an offer you can't refuse. But will spending one night with him defuse the sexual tension between you– or make you more hot for each other?

Chapter 3: That's Coconuts!

Just when you think the blaze between you and Houston has become unquenchable, he turns cold. A night out with friends seems like the perfect remedy– until it takes an unexpected turn, leaving you unsure what to do next.

Chapter 4: Dangerous Waters

You and Houston, having cleared the air, spend an incredible night together— and you're determined to sit back and let things unfold with him. But after a super sexy day at the beach, tragedy strikes, and it's up to you to patch things up.

Chapter 5: A Surgeon Hand

When Houston is wheeled into the ER with major injuries from a shark bite that threatens his career, it's up to you to break the news to him- and he doesn't take it well. Now it's up to you to break down his walls and teach him what it means to have hope.

Chapter 6: Pick Me

Your visit at Houston's goes better than you planned and things heat up- in your pants and your hearts. When he makes an unexpected return to work, the perfect opportunity to prove yourself professionally lands in your lap. Will you rise above or drop the ball?

Chapter 7: Wham Bam.x Fam!

After averting a crisis in the O.R., you and Houston find comfort in each other. On an outing with his family, you continue chipping away at the walls around his heart- and take a chance on knocking them to the ground.

Chapter 8: Hot Water, Cool Surprises

You and Houston find yourselves in hot water at work-but nothing is hotter than how you two feel about each other. As things get tense at the hospital, Houston surprises you by relaxing in your relationship. Until Steinberg reveals a surprise of his own.

Chapter 9: Reception

You've being transferred to a new hospital and it's was all Houston's idea. You don't receive this news well-in fact, you're furious, with yourself and with him. Just when splitsville seems to be your next destination, will wedding bells draw you two back together?

Chapter 10: Private Practice

You relationship with Houston is on the road to recovery, and he's got some big surprises in store for you. How will your happily ever afer look with the man of your dreams?



  • It's the second book of the Florida Doctors series.
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