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Going for Gold is a sweet romance book that was released on February 9, 2021.


A talented volleyball athlete, Alina is fiercely competitive and ready to win gold, even as she struggles against both her long-time rival and her ex. But when a handsome track star races into her heart, will she finally be able to seize victory?

After spending his life chasing success and fighting the odds, Bryce, a track athlete with a heart of gold, has come to the games to finally win real gold. But when Alina whirls into his life, will he find what he's truly needed all along?


Chapter 1: Let The Games Begin[]

Charming, easy-going track star Bryce has a heart of gold— but you're at the summer games to win a gold medal. With the world's eyes on you, can you stay focused and seize victory over your volleyball rivals? Or will Bryce race his way into your heart?

Chapter 2: And a Night You'll Never Forget[]

After running into Bryce in the locker room, you've decided to brave your way back! But as your date with Chris goes off the rails, can Bryce save your night before it ends in tears?

Chapter 3: Picture Perfect[]

Your big match against Brazil has just been interrupted by photos of Chris and your rival— together! Will you be able to handle the pressure and win the game in the face of this betrayal?

Chapter 4: Operation Red Rip[]

Chris has finally appeared to make amends... but is everything as it seems? And what sort of mysterious plan is Bryce drawing you into?

Chapter 5: Caught in the Act[]

You've just been cornered in the middle of your prank with Bryce! How will you ever escape? And are things starting to heat up between the two of you...?

Chapter 6: Heat Up the Dance Floor[]

Bryce has finally asked you out, and you're ready for a night to remember. Will the two of you find a deeper connection? Or is it all just wishful thinking?

Chapter 7: Riding The Wave[]

Brye has been whisked away by a rogue taxi! Is everything truly as it seems? And how will you perform at the next big match of the games?

Chapter 8: Last Stand[]

Chris is back for one final fight. Can you finally let go of your past and embrace a growing future with Bryce?

Chapter 9: The Amazing Race[]

Bryce's big event is on! Will he manage to outrun the competition? And how will this affect your budding romance?

Chapter 10: Danging in the Dark[]

After a heated night with Bryce, it's time to do sorne dance practice for the tiebreaker event. Will you be able to shake and shimmy your way through with Bryce at your side?

Chapter 11: The Final Countdown[]

With another big match under your belt, it's time for the last showdown with Brazil and your rival, Gabriela. Will you and your team come out on top?

Chapter 12: Dark Side of the Moon[]

The battle has been lost... but the games aren't over yet. With the tiebreaker event looming on the horizon, will you and Bryce be able to help Kristen succeed in her dance against Gabriela?

Chapter 13: Saturday Night Fever[]

Kristen can't perform the dance... which means you're up! The pressure is on as you prepare for the night of your life— and to seize the gold medal once and for all.

Chapter 14: Dancing with the Stars[]

Your final shot at winning gold has arrived. With the clock ticking down and the eyes of the world on you, will you be able to dance your way with Bryce to victory?

Chapter 15: Gold or Nothing[]

After dancing your heart out, it's time to hear the results. Will victory be yours? Or will the events of the night follow you beyond the games?

Chapter 16: On the Road[]

After fleeing the country, you try to rebuild your life– and your future. Will your homecoming be all roses? Or is there more at play here?

Chapter 17: Home Again, Home Again[]

You've finally made it back to your family... but they have less than pleasant news for you. Is this really the end of the line for your dreams? Or Will a surprise visitor change everything?

Chapter 18: Tangled Up in You[]

Bryce has found you again at your family's bakery! Will the two of you be able to reconcile? And will you finally give in to your burning desires?

Chapter 19: Heart of Gold[]

After reuniting with Bryce, all seems right with the world at last. But he has a few more surprises in store for you...

Hidden Diamonds[]

Chapter 6[]

Hmm, it has to be...

  1. Cycling.
  2. Track. DiamondIcon +1
  3. Fencing.



  • It's the third book of the Sweet Cravings series.