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For 100 Days is a spicy romance book released on December 22, 2020.


Harboring dangerous secrets and a painful past, Avery Ross is an artist struggling to put her heart into her work. But the darkly sexy billionaire, Dominic Baine, will demand her trust. Will she let him take control and show her what she’s really capable of?

Wickedly enticing billionaire Dominic Baine keeps his past closely guarded and harbors dark secrets of his own. You'll only have 100 days to gain his trust by giving yourself over to him. Will you let him command your body and find a way into his heart?


Chapter 1: Drawn to Him

Darkly handsome billionaire Dominic Baine is New York’s most eligible — and mysterious — bachelor. When this seductive, commanding man pulls you into his glittering world of passion, he will take you to sensual heights you’ve never dared to explore. But with only 100 days, will you unearth the mystery that is Dominic Baine? Or will your own perilous past come back to haunt you?

Chapter 2: Make Yourself at Home

You have just discovered that you will be living in Nick's building. Will he be more than just a friendly neighbor?

Chapter 3: Come Over

After ending up in the pool with a soaked and shirtless Nick, he invites you up to his apartment. Will you dry off? Or are things about to get more wet and wild?

Chapter 4: On Top of the World

Nick has just led you to a rooftop garden. Will your mysterious man reveal a secret or two now that you're alone with him?

Chapter 5: Dominic Baine

Nick has taken you to a beautiful gallery showcase as his date. But when his identity is finally revealed, will you want to stay by his side?

Chapter 6: Let Go

Nick wants you to give him 100 days to help you reach your potential as an artist... by giving him control. Will you surrender to this mysterious billionaire?

Chapter 7: A Tempting Invitation

You have just agreed to give your hot, dominant billionaire 100 days to help you realize your full potential as an artist. Now, he wants you on his arm for a big event. Will you be able to handle the pressure?

Chapter 8: A Night To Remember

Nick is ready to steal you away from the glittering crowd at the mayor's gala. But what sparks will fly when you run into someone unexpected?

Chapter 9: Come Sail Away

Nick wants to show you his favorite restaurant. The only catch is... you have to take a private jet to get there. Where exactly is he taking you? And what delicious surprises does he have in store?

Chapter 10: Test the Waters

What could possibly happen when you're alone at sea with Nick? You are bound to find out just how far he is willing to take you.

Chapter 11: He Has A Gift

You and Nick have already reathered down some rocky waters. But when your secrets come to surface, will you be able to trust one another?

Chapter 12: Unlock the Truth

Nick has discovered your deepest secret. Will you finally let him in? Or lock your heart and throw away the key?

Chapter 13: New Heights

Nick wants to take your relationship to the next level... in more ways than one. Will you rise to the challenge?

Chapter 14: Please The Boss

Nick finally has you alone in his office. What new challenges will this CEO present to you? And how far will you go to impress?

Chapter 15: Make An Impact

You and Nick have survived your first fight, which means you get to have fun making up together... if you can handle it.

Chapter 16: Be Mine

Nick wants to test your limits yet again by taking your relationship to the next level. What will you say?

Chapter 17: A Lick of Paint

Nick's ex has something to tell you. Will she reveal something that will bring you closer to your mysterious man? Or will she drive you further apart?

Chapter 18: A Force to be Reckoned With

You've kept your secrets closely guarded to protect those closest to you. But when your past threatens your future, will you finally tell the truth?

Chapter 19: Secrets Revealed

There's no where left to turn. Nick wants answers from you. Will you finally let him in? And if you do, what will you learn in turn?

Chapter 20: It All Ends Here

The day has come for you to finally confront your sadistic stepbrother. Will you take your shot and walk away safe? Or will you lose someone precious to you?

Chapter 21: Shot Through the Heart

Nick has just made a breathtaking confession. Now, it's your turn. What will you say?

Chapter 22: Own Your Power

The temperature is rising between you and Nick. Will you light the fire that lies dormant within you and take Nick for the ride of his life?

Chapter 23: Homecoming

After years apart, you and your mother have been reunited. Where will you go to get some much-deserved quality time? And what will she think of Nick?

Chapter 24: Anonymous

You have just discovered something in Nick's basement that will alter the very foundation of your relationship. Will you survive this?

Chapter 25: A Chance Encounter

After a heartbreaking confession, you and Nick have gone your separate ways. But what will you do when you suddenly see him again?

Chapter 26: Drawn to You

It is the night of your big showcase at the Met, and the press is buzzing. But there's only one opinion that really matters, Nick's. When he finds you alone, what will you say?

Chapter 27: Don't Go

For months, you and Nick haven't spoken. But Nick is done staying silent. What will he say to you? Can you repair what was broken?

Chapter 28: Completely Mine

After almost 100 days apart, Nick wants to reunite with you in every sense of the word. Will you let him take control?

Chapter 29: Ghosts of the Past

Nick has just received a phone call from the one person who haunts him. What will happen when he is forced to face his father?

Chapter 30: Stay

You have spent 100 days with Nick. Now, it's time to decide- do you want more than that?



  • It’s the first book of the 100 Series.