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Elite is a young adult book released on December 25, 2020.


For Trace Rooks, winning a scholarship to the prestigious Eagle Elite University spells an opportunity to secure her future. But when she encounters the irresistible and dangerous Nixon Abandonado, leader of the mysterious 'Elect', she is forced to choose between safety and love.

Nixon Abandonado is sexy, irresistible, and leader of the 'Elect', a mysterious group of boys that instills fear within the walls of Eagle Elite university. But when an alluring new student arrives on the steps of Eagle Elite, will Elect's enigmatic leader risk revealing his secrets... for a shot at true love?


Chapter 1: Eagle Elite

Eagle Elite Nixon Abanddonado is the alluring and enigmatic ringleader of the Elect, a mysterious group of students secretly pulling the strings at your prestigious new university. But when Nixon sets his sights on you, will you be the one thing he can't have? Or will you risk the wrath of the Elect to follow your heart?

Chapter 2: The Rules

Nixon introduces you to the Rules, the Elect's strange set of instructions for Eagle Elite's new students. You're also invited to the university's kick-off party, where Nixon has a special surprise for you.

Chapter 3: The First Day

It's your first day at Eagle Elite University, and you're faced with several challenges. Will you prove yourself to Nixon and the Elect... or let fear get in the way of your future?

Chapter 4: The Elect

Nixon surprises you with a wager, before inviting you to an exclusive Elect party. Will sparks fly, or will you be left to fend for yourself when an unexpected friend turns into foe?

Chapter 5: Bullied

You deal with the fallout from the Elect party, battling school gossip and trying to salvage your reputation. But when things start spiraling out of control, will Nixon break his own rules and come to your rescue?

Chapter 6: Settlers of Catan

You and Nixon team up for a class project, but your time together leaves you with more questions than answers. Will you find a way to crack that icy exterior, or will you struggle to decipher the mystery of Nixon's past?

Chapter 7: Secret Headquarters

You receive a mysterious message from an unknown number. Will you be drawn into Elite drama, or is there something more nefarious at play?

Chapter 8: Shop Til You Drop

It's your day out with Nixon. In the midst of shopping and bonding, can you get him to spill his deepest secrets?

Chapter 9: Blank Check

Nixon surprises you with a gift and a revelation, slowly letting you into his tumultuous past. Will you run for cover, or dive deeper into the chaos?

Chapter 10: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

Nixon takes you to meet an old foe, and you're faced with a shocking ultimatum. Do for revenge, or do you choose to forgive? ask no.

Chapter 11: The Black Ring

When you're drawn into a confrontation with Nixon's enemies, you will be faced with a choice. Will you trust Nixon to protect you, or will you choose to pave your own path?

Chapter 12: The Necklace

A long-forgotten heirloom draws attention from your classmates, leading to questions about your family, your past, and your role in Elite.

Chapter 13: A Picnic Under the Stars

Nixon surprises you with a romantic gesture, but what will happen when the night is cut short by a surprise intruder?

Chapter 14: Shots Fired Stranger danger!

When you find yourself in mortal danger, will you fight for your life... or will you cower behind Nixon?

Chapter 15: The Alfero Estate

Your grandfather returns to your life with a bombshell announcement, forcing you to confront your relationship with Nixon and your family.

Chapter 16: Family Secrets

Secrets, lies, and a mysterious backstory. When the truth finally comes out, you must decide. Will you choose family, or love?

Chapter 17: The Last Supper

The secrets are out. The danger is building. And now, you must make your mark. Nixon is watching... but so are your enemies.

Chapter 18: Revenge and Rebirth

When an old enemy resurfaces, you must draw on everything you've learned to fight- and to win.

Chapter 19: Judgment Day

It's time for final court. With Nixon professing his love, you must choose between returning to your old life- or committing to your new one.


  • It's the first book of the Eagle Elite Series.