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Chapters - Interactive Stories Wiki

Characters are the people that build up the game's stories. They are crucial to the plot as the narratives directly circle around them. Although most make visual appearances, others can sometimes solely be referenced by other characters or story elements.

This is a list of all characters that appear throughout the game's stories, (not necessarily) arranged in order of appearance. This also includes important characters that have been solely referenced many times.


All the Wrong Reasons

New All The Wrong Reasons

Kidnapping the Princess

  • Alessandara
  • Brooke
  • Your Character (Cybele)
  • Esmeralda
  • Lancelot
  • Ronaldo
  • Talia
  • Vanessa

Prince with Benefit

Hide and Seek


  • Your Character (Cali)
  • Kyle
  • Briony
  • Matt
  • Tammy
  • David
  • Linda
  • Jordan
  • Danny
  • Joe
  • Casey

Hades' Daughter

Inject me Sweetly

New Inject Me Sweetly

The Rural Teacher

  • Your Character (The Rural Teacher)
  • Micah
  • Mr. Li
  • Advisor
  • Lieutenant
  • Commander
  • Little Squishy Guy
  • Craig
  • Du

Bad Boy Blues

  • Your Character (Bad Boy Blues)
  • Adriano
  • Sandro
  • Mike
  • Don Lucio
  • Adamo
  • Luisa
  • Luigi
  • Derek


  • Your Character (Starstruck)
  • Denise
  • Eris
  • Glace/Frio
  • Patty
  • Tim
  • Your Character (Dulce)
  • Andrea
  • Rick
  • Henry
  • Lorenzo

The Cursed Prince

  • Your Character (Henrietta)
  • Prince Cyrus
  • Margery
  • Gregory
  • Kaylie

Mr. Devil

Knight in Shining Suit

New Knight in Shining Suit

The Boy I Hate


Zombies Versus Aliens

The Silent Twin

  • Your Character (Jennifer Knight)
  • Joanna Duncan
  • Doreen
  • Charles Radcliffe
  • Nick Duncan
  • Olivia Duncan
  • Presenter
  • Ethan Cole
  • Will
  • Zoe
  • Bob Duncan
  • Wendy Duncan
  • Female Journalist
  • Karen Corbett
  • Matt Corbett
  • Aunt Laura
  • Marcella
  • Marcella's Son
  • Mr. Struthers

Mermaids and The Vampires Who Love Them

  • Your Character (Mermaids and The Vampires Who Love Them)
  • Mr. Fishwater
  • Sharks
  • Pierce Knightguard
  • Hesperia
  • Pickles McPhee
  • Headmaster Crumpet
  • Shelly Sharkweather
  • Cupid
  • Mer Queen
  • Echidna
  • Fintan Byrnes
  • Lily-Bella
  • Thunder
  • Princess Phanessa
  • Professor Gaia
  • Brack Sharkweather
  • Mystery Employer
  • Snakes

Calendar Girl

  • Your Character (Calendar Girl)
  • Madison
  • Ginelle
  • Dad
  • Blaine
  • Ms. Milan
  • Wes Channing
  • Claire Channing
  • Mr. Channing
  • Gina DeLuca
  • Alec Dubois
  • Aiden
  • Anthony Fasano

Court of Nightfall

  • Your Character (Court of Nightfall)
  • Marcus Night
  • Violet Night
  • Jaxton Lux
  • Bully
  • Thug
  • Brooke Conray
  • Ella Conray
  • Knights
  • Myrddin
  • Evie
  • Viper
  • Mrs. Conray
  • Chancellor Forrester
  • Grandmaster
  • Ragathon
  • TR
  • Trix
  • Andriy Zorin
  • Agatha
  • Falcon

The Rake and The Recluse

  • Your Character (The Rake and The Recluse)

Twice the Growl

  • Your Character (Twice the Growl)
  • Thereon
  • Connor
  • Tally
  • Gerri

Vampire Girl

  • Your Character (Vampire Girl)
  • Esmeralda
  • Asher
  • Daison
  • Kayla Windhelm
  • Fenris
  • Levi

The Academy

  • Your Character (The Academy)


Gold Rush

  • Your Character (Gold Rush)

An Endless Serenade

  • Your Character (An Endless Serenade)

Cupcakes, Spies and Despicable Guys

At Any Price

50 Dates in 50 States

  • Your Character (50 Dates in 50 States)

Spring at Blueberry Bay

  • Your Character (Bella)
  • Isaac

Heart of Stone

  • Your Character (Heart of Stone)


The Red

Dusk Until Dawn

  • Your Character (Dusk Until Dawn)
  • Damian Weiss

The Entanglement Clause

  • Your Character (The Entanglement Clause)

Saving Everest

  • Your Character (Beverly Davis)
  • Everest Finley
  • Hadley Finley
  • Toby Finley
  • Frank Finley
  • Aunt Macy
  • Nami Lynn
  • Tiffany
  • Cara
  • Nash
  • Gabe
  • Cade
  • Jake
  • Martha
  • Felix
  • Poppy
  • Lily
  • Rose

Dirty Little Secrets

Protecting Caroline

My Possessive Bodyguard

Vampire Girl 2 : Midnight Star

  • Your Character
  • Asher
  • Ace
  • Esmeralda
  • Fenris
  • Baron
  • Kayla Windhelm
  • Levi
  • Lucien
  • Zeb

Finding Love in a Coffee Shop

Robin Hood

  • Your Character (Robin Hood)

Truth or Dare

Blurred Lines

Walk of Shame

After the Kiss

Chase Me

Seducing Cinderella


Mr. and Mr. Smith

Only With You

Good Girl

Planning Bliss


  • Your Character (Doon)
  • Jamie

Eye Candy

  • Your Character (Jackie Butler)
  • Vince Carson
  • J.T.
  • Davis Price
  • Eye Candy Miscellaneous Characters

The Duke and the Domina

  • Your Character (The Duke and the Domina)
  • Grayson

Sealed with a Curse

  • Your Character (Sealed with a Curse)

The Fixer

  • Your Character (The Fixer)
  • Wren

Tainted Bodies

  • Your Character (Tainted Bodies)
  • Derrick

Irresistibly Yours

The Billionaire Bachelor

Arm Candy

  • Your Character (Grace Buchanan)
  • Davis Price
  • Arm Candy Miscellaneous Characters

Strange Neighbors

  • Your Character (Strange Neighbors)
  • Jason

Suddenly Royal

Feel the Heat

Made For You

Touch & Go

Love the One You're With

I Wish You Were Mine

Romeo & Juliet

  • Your Character (Romeo & Juliet)

Vampire Girl 3

  • Your Character
  • Esmeralda
  • Pete
  • Asher
  • Seri
  • Dean
  • Niam
  • Baldar
  • Fenris
  • Baron
  • Marco
  • Kal'Hallen
  • Kayla Windhelm - The Fire Druid
  • Lianna - Former Earth Druid
  • Madrid
  • Metsi - The Water Druid
  • Oren - Former Fire Druid
  • Tavian Gray
  • Marasphyr
  • Varis - The Wind Druid
  • Tauren - The Earth Spirit
  • Riku - The Fire Spirit
  • Wadu - The Water Spirit
  • Zyra - The Wind Spirit
  • Yami

The Catch

  • Your Character (Camilla)
  • Shane

Lux 1: Obsidian

Once Perfect

Fly Boy

  • Your Character (Kristen Stephens)
  • Will Harris

Frisk Me

Rules of Entanglement


Cinderella and the Three Princes

Behind Closed Doors

The Wandering Earth

  • Your Character (Kaia Griffin)
  • Archer

The Better to See You

  • Your Character (The Better to See You)
  • Seth Wolf

Shielding Lily

A Dangerous Position

  • Your Character (Lara Blue)
  • Dex Ryan

Now & Then

Lux 2: Onyx

Flirting With Fire



Maid for Hire

  • Your Character (Andrea Robinson)
  • Alec Blaze

Downright Delinquents


Someone Like You

The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky

  • Your Character (The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky)
  • Ben

Falling For Her Fiancé

Unbreak Our Hearts

  • Your Character (Unbreak Our Hearts)
  • Matt

50 Ways to Ruin a Rake

Love at Stake

My Billionaire Boss

  • Your Character (Layla Kingston)
  • Ashton Miller

Private Practice

The Roommate

  • Your Character (Hannah)
  • Liam

To Have and To Hold

  • Your Character (Brooke Baldwin)
  • Seth Tyler
  • Maya Tyler
  • To Have and To Hold Miscellaneous Characters

Blackmail Boyfriend

  • Your Character (Blackmail Boyfriend)
  • Bryce Colton

Once Upon a One Night Stand

The Boy Next Dorm

Passion on Park Avenue

Poison Study

  • Your Character (Poison Study)
  • Valek

The Other CEO

  • Your Character (The Other CEO)
  • Pierce Wilson

Hard Crush

  • Your Character (Hard Crush)
  • Hank Wagner

Against the Wall

  • Your Character (Against the Wall)
  • Jake Lodge

Just One Night

The Practice Proposal

Forever and Always

  • Your Character (Forever and Always)
  • Maddox Finnegan

69 Million Things I Hate About You

The Pact

Things Good Girls Don't Do

Beauty and the Billionaire

The Wedding Date

  • Your Character (The Wedding Date)
  • Landon

America's Sweetheart

Accidentally Married on Purpose

A Taste of Sin


The Trouble With Love

Getaway Girl

The Resurrected Prince

Apartment 504

  • Your Character (Leah Thomas)
  • Nick

Penthouse Prince

Temporarily Yours

No Flowers Required

Protecting What's His

When Trouble Meets Trouble

Neighbors With Benefits

All The Wrong Places

Coral and Bone

  • Your Character (Coral and Bone)
  • Dax

We Own Tonight

An Ex for Christmas

Love Game

  • Your Character (Love Game)

May the Best Man Win

First Bite

  • Your Character (Sophia)

Beyond the Sunset

  • Your Character (Dany)
  • Zander

Too Hot to Handle

A Dinner to Die For

  • Your Character (A Dinner to Die For)

Saving the CEO


  • Your Character (Katie Castillo)

Christmas with the Sheriff

Second Chances

  • Your Character (Second Chances)

Fighting For It

  • Your Character (Fighting For It)
  • Jack Brady

Cherish Hard

Honey Trap

  • Your Character (Emmy Greene)
  • Ethan

Finding Master Right


The Billionaire Next Door

Tempting the Best Man


Believe Me, I'm Lying

Billionaire Daddy


Skittles & Science

His Mission

Waking Up Pregnant

Volcanic Winter

Prince of Dreams

The Bastard Billionaire

Under Covers

My Accidental Husband

  • My Accidental Husband Miscellaneous Characters


  • Your Character (Crave)
  • Jaxon Vega

Seducing My Professor

Once & Again

Playing Hard To Master

Heart of Ocean

Night Prince 1: Once Burned

Tempting the Billionaire

Asking for Trouble

One Rogue at a Time

Pretty Boy Diner

  • Your Character (Melody Hersch)

One of Us

  • Your Character (Gianna Norman)
  • Liam


The Playboy's Proposal

The Billionaire Affair

Make Me

A Taste of the Night

  • Your Character (Millie Ross)
  • Enter Vandal

Night Prince 2: Twice Tempted

I Knew You Were Trouble

A Worthy Opponent

Terror Island

  • Your Character (McKenzie Speakman)
  • Theo

Isn't She Lovely?

Just Desserts

  • Your Character (Violet)
  • Poppy

My Backup Boyfriend

Too Beautiful To Break

The Princess and the Rebel

  • Your Character (The Princess and the Rebel)

Instant Attraction

The Mafia Prince

Shacking Up

The Interview

  • Your Character (The Interview)

Night Prince 3: Bound By Flames

Rule of Three

To Have and To Master

Runaway Girl

Pleasure in Paradise

The Family Secret

  • Your Character (Cali Byers)
  • Matthew Picard

Playing With Fire

The Beast

The Temple of Temptation

The Baller


  • Your Character (HALO)
  • Viper

Night Prince 4: Into the Fire


Billionaire Roommate

The Boyfriend Contract

Disorderly Conduct

Witches' Brew

  • Your Character (Ivy)
  • Draven

As Rich As a Rogue

Owned by Fate

Sticky Fingers


Rough Justice

Feel the Rush

  • Your Character (Feel the Rush)
  • Cam

Caged in Winter

Falling for the Enemy

Worth the Risk

Songs of the Underworld

Unlawfully Yours

Pushing Her Limits

A Crane Family Christmas

Desperate Measures

Christmas on Mistletoe Lane

The Snow Job

For 100 Days


The Jackal

The Royal Treatment


Emergency Engagement

No Going Back


Love Hacked


The Animals

Spark the Fire

Going for Gold

The Passion Project

Snow Falling

Stealing His Thunder

Ice King

Love Story

The Highland Duke

The Kiss List

The Endgame

The Naked Truth

Potion Devotion

  • Your Character (Potion Devotion)

Talk British to Me

30 Days Stranded

More Than Music

What's the Scoop

  • Your Character (What's the Scoop)

Engaged at First Sight

Tempting Fate

How to Get Lucky

Those Summer Nights


Houston, We Have a Problem


Cowboy Crazy

Valkyrie Ops

Love on Lexington Avenue

Hard Sell

Dane's Storm


Light Her Fire

Make Me Over

Love Coach

Carter Reed

Mean Girls

Dirty Rich One Night Stand

Tempting the Bodyguard

Lover Undercover

Beach Bum Billionaire

Nico: A Mafia Romance

Drive Him Wild

Seduction Island

One Last Chance

No Dress Required

What Happens in Vegas

Hawaii Heat

  • Your Character (Joely Anderson)
  • Holt Kawena
  • Hawaii Heat Miscellaneous Characters


Missing Pieces

Dirty Rich Cinderella Story

Marriage on Madison Avenue

Fixed on You

Seven Day Fiancé

Steal Me

At the Stroke of Midnight

  • Your Character (Cindy)
  • PJ Charming
  • Ariel Waters
  • At the Stroke of Midnight Miscellaneous Characters

Slashes in the Snow

Never Kiss a Bad Boy

The Troublemaker Next Door

  • Your Character (Maddie Gardner)
  • Flynn McCauley
  • The Troublemaker Next Door Miscellaneous Characters

Rivalry & Ruin

  • Your Character (Celia Werner)
  • Edward Fasbender
  • Rivalry & Ruin Miscellaneous Characters

The Roommate Rules

Sweet Melody

  • Sweet Melody Miscellaneous Characters