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~ Decide on hard life choices such as falling in love, discovering secrets, and unravelling deep mysteries! Make your choices wisely; every ending is different! ~

Welcome to the Chapters: Interactive Stories Wiki - the fan-made wiki for the mobile game, Chapters: Interactive Stories. This is a mobile game designed, produced and released on Android and iOS devices by Crazy Maple Studio. Join us now in this ever expanding community and fan base as you immerse yourself in sensational stories! This Wiki is administrated by Hillshadow.

About the Game

YOU get to make the choices in each story. Decide on hard life choices such as falling in love, discovering secrets, or unravelling deep mysteries! Make your choices wisely; every ending is different! Current stories include:

ALL THE WRONG REASONS: Romance story unfolds when YOU have a one night stand with the city's most notorious playboy. Drama unfolds after a one night stand suddenly explodes into many more nights of forbidden passion.

STARSTRUCK: Try surviving high school after a world-renowned actress suddenly puts her career on hold and enrolls in YOUR high school. Hollywood life isn’t what it seems, and you realize there's more to this media darling than meets the eye.

MR. DEVIL: When your boyfriend falls terminally ill, you make a deal to save him: spend the rest of your life together or surrender your soul to Hell. Transported to Hell, you face difficult choices that determine whether you will survive fire and brimstone, fallen angels, and hot gossip.

...PLUS more new stories COMING SOON! Stories updated every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Latest Releases

Chapter 13-15

Once Burned Cover

After an accident gave you the ability to channel electricity, no man has been able to handle your touch. That is, until you meet Vlad Tepesh. But he's not just a man— he's the world's most dangerous vampire, known by some as... Dracula. READ MORE

Chapters 15-17

Playing Hard to Master Cover

You're a bratty sub that loves to challenge a Dom in the bedroom. So when you fall for Ambrose Langley, a BDSM Master with the perfect balance of charm and dominance, your sex life will never be the same. But Ambrose has a secret that could ruin everything. READ MORE

After the Kiss · Arm Candy · Bad Boy Blues · Blurred Lines · Calendar Girl · Drumline · Feel the Heat · Irresistibly Yours · Kidnapping the Princess · Mr. and Mr. Smith · Planning Bliss · Seducing Cinderella · Tainted Bodies · The Boy I Hate · The Billionaire Bachelor · The Duke and the Domina · The Entanglement Clause · The Fixer · The Rake and The Recluse · The Red · Truth or Dare
50 Dates in 50 States · All the Wrong Reasons · An Endless Serenade · At Any Price · Chase Me · Eye Candy · Finding Love in a Coffee Shop · Good Girl · Knight in Shining Suit · My Possessive Bodyguard · Only with You · Prince with Benefits · Protecting Caroline · Spring at Blueberry Bay · Suddenly Royal · Walk of Shame
Dusk Until Dawn · Hades' Daughter · Heart of Stone · Inject me Sweetly · Mr. Devil · Red: A Transplanted Tale · Sealed with a Curse · Strange Neighbors · Twice the Growl · Vampire Girl · Vampire Girl 2: Midnight Star
Doon · Gold Rush · HiS · Saving Everest · Starstruck · The Cursed Prince
Cupcakes, Spies and Despicable Guys · Dirty Little Secrets · Hide and Seek · The Academy · The Silent Twin · Unhinged · Uninvited
Court of Nightfall · Mermaids and The Vampires Who Love Them · Robin Hood · The Rural Teacher · Zombies Versus Aliens

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