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Two writers in two countries transform into the super writing duo, Sparrow Beckett, each night after wrangling their housefuls of children and pets. They trade the cape and colorful tights for tattoos and cups of coffee then set out to create a world where readers fall in love with heroes and the women who willingly go to their knees for them. Their books are the products of two kinky minds who don't take themselves too seriously. They also write solo books under the names Sorcha Black and Leia Shaw.


Title Genre Release Date (M.D.Y) Release Date (Y.M.D) Series
Finding Master Right Red Hot January 15, 2020 2020.01.15 Masters Unleashed
Playing Hard to Master Red Hot April 27, 2020 2020.02.27 Masters Unleashed
To Have and to Master Spicy August 18, 2020 2020.08.18 Masters Unleashed
Pushing Her Limits Spicy December 9, 2020 2020.12.09 Masters of Adrenaline
Stealing His Thunder Spicy Romance February 20, 2021 2021.02.20 Masters of Adrenaline
Master in Shining Armor BDSM February 14, 2022 2022.02.14 Masters Unleashed
Fueling His Hunger BDSM March 11, 2022 2022.03.11 Masters of Adrenaline
All's Fair in Love and Mastery BDSM May 24, 2022 2022.05.24 Masters Unleashed




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