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The series' status is: COMPLETED

Book 1 Plot: You've been accepted into a prestigious screenwriting program! Is this the first step toward your Hollywood dreams, or a collision course with unexpected destiny? Only Ethan, a preppy hunk who can't take his eyes off you, can say for sure.

Book 2 Plot: When you conquer the broken heart of a devastatingly handsome war hero, you make it your mission to piece him back together... But in love and war, no one gets away unscathed.

Book 3 Plot: Hot, beefcake tennis instructor, Michael St. Clair, offers you the chance of a lifetime: a way to best your perfect older sister and get the guy you've loved since you were a kid. In exchange, all Michael wants is a little help from a small-town Texas local, and you fit the bill. But will you get what you always imagined, or will you find yourself fighting for someone new?


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