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The series' status is: ONGOING

Book 1 Plot: A fiery and independent thrill-seeker, Addison Kennedy goes after what she wants. So when she meets Fox Larson - the charming, dominant leader of Vegas's most notorious crime ring - she has her sights set on getting into his good graces, and his crew! Fox introduces her to a world of danger and pleasure, full of BDSM and quick getaways. But when she rushes headlong into danger, will Addison spin-out, or be able to keep control?

Book 3 Plot: Mila is a no-nonsense career woman who's never considered submitting to a man in the bedroom. But when she meets Atlas Larson — a sexy, powerful Dom who makes her want things she never imagined — Mila is drawn in to his world. But with secrets of her own, will she be able to give herself over fully to Atlas? Or will she have to make a choice that'll change everything?


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