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Ivy Smoak is the international bestselling author of The Hunted Series. Her books have sold over 1 million copies worldwide. When she's not writing, you can find Ivy binge watching too many TV shows, taking long walks, playing outside, and generally refusing to act like an adult. She lives with her husband in Delaware.


Title Genre Release Date (M.D.Y) Release Date (Y.M.D) Series
Going for Gold Sweet Romance February 9, 2021 2021.02.09 Sweet Cravings
Those Summer Nights Lifeguard Romance April 23, 2021 2021.04.23 Sweet Cravings
Seduction Island Summer Love July 19, 2021 2021.07.19 Men of Manhattan
Missing Pieces Road Trip July 31, 2021 2021.07.31 Men of Manhattan
The Roommate Rules Roommate September 7, 2021 2021.09.07 Sweet Cravings




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