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This category page contains all pages and sub-categories related to the Hot In Chicago series.

The series' status is: BOOK 1,2 AND 3 ARE COMPLETED

Book 1 Plot: When hothead firefighter Luke Almeida starts a bar brawl with the Chicago police, you're brought in to clean up his public image. But after sparks fly, clean isn't exactly what you have in mind.

Book 2 Plot: Bold, brash, and determined, Alex is Chicago's No. 1 female firefighter. Will sparks fly when she goes toe-to-toe with a certain mayor?

Book 3 Plot: Wyatt Fox has always been a quiet loner, and he prefers it that way. But when a former fling needs his help, he's there for her... in spite of his better judgment. He knows things might get messy, but where Molly Cade's involved, he just can't help himself.


Books you might be looking for in this category:

    • Rekindle The Flame (not released on the app yet) (Beck and Darcy)
  • Flirting with Fire (Luke and Kinsey)
    • Melting Point (not released on the app yet) (Gage and Brady)
  • Playing With Fire (Eli and Alexandra)
    • After The Fire (not released on the app yet)(more Eli/Alex)
  • Spark the Fire (Wyatt and Molly)
    • Forever In Fire: A Hot In Chicago Christmas Short (not released on the app yet)(even more Eli/Alex)


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