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Title Author Genre Release Date (Y.M.D) Series
All the Wrong Reasons Jerilee Kaye Romance 2017.09.12 Destiny's Games
Hide and Seek Jakayla Toney Thriller 2017.09.12 Hide and Seek
Prince with Benefits Gaby Cabezut Sweet 2017.09.12
Kidnapping the Princess Yuriko Hime LGBTQ+ 2017.09.12
HiS Ira/Dreamerse Young Adult 2017.10.12
Inject me Sweetly Jordan Lynde Paranormal 2017.10.19
Hades' Daughter Charlotte Carol Paranormal 2017.10.19
The Rural Teacher Cixin Liu Young Adult 2017.11.02
Bad Boy Blues Autumn Summers Red Hot 2017.11.16
Starstruck Yuriko Hime LGBTQ+ 2017.12.14
The Cursed Prince Anne Marshall Young Adult 2018.01.25
Mr. Devil Alena Paranormal 2018.03.01
Knight in Shining Suit Jerilee Kaye Romance 2018.03.08
The Boy I Hate Taylor Sullivan Young Adult 2018.03.22
Uninvited Sandra Grayson Mystery 2018.03.29
Zombies Versus Aliens Kristin Jaques Fantasy 2018.04.19
The Silent Twin Caroline Mitchell Thriller 2018.04.26 Detective Jennifer Knight
Mermaids and The Vampires Who Love Them Debbie Goelz Fantasy 2018.05.03
Calendar Girl Audrey Carlan Red Hot 2018.05.16 Calender Girl
Court of Nightfall Karpov Kinrade Fantasy 2018.05.16 The Nightfall Chronicles
The Rake and The Recluse Jenn LeBlanc Sexy 2018.05.31 Lords of Time
Twice the Growl Milly Taiden Paranormal 2018.06.07 Paranormal Dating Agency
Vampire Girl Karpov Kinrade Paranormal 2018.06.14 Vampire Girl
The Academy David Davis,Andra St. Ivanyi Young Adult 2018.06.21
Drumline Stacy Keswick Young Adult 2018.06.28
Gold Rush Jordan Lynde Young Adult 2018.06.05
An Endless Serenade Jordan Lynde Romance 2018.07.12
Cupcakes, Spies and Despicable Guys Pamela DuMond 2018.07.19 Annie Graceland Mystery
At Any Price Brenna Aubrey Young Adult 2018.07.26 Gaming the System
50 Dates in 50 States Annie Hendy Sweet 2018.08.02
Spring at Blueberry Bay Holly Martin Sweet 2018.08.16 Hope Island
Heart of Stone Jo Lee Hunt Paranormal 2018.08.23
Unhinged Sandra Grayson Thriller 2018.08.20
The Red Tiffany Reisz Red Hot 2018.09.06 The Godwicks
Dusk Until Dawn Jordan Lynde Paranormal 2018.09.13
The Entanglement Clause Amber K. Bryant Red Hot 2018.09.20
Saving Everest Sky Chase Young Adult 2018.09.27
Dirty Little Secrets Liliana Hart Mystery 2018.10.11 J.J. Graves Mystery
Protecting Caroline Susan Stoker Suspense 2018.10.11 SEAL of Protection
My Possessive Bodyguard Jamilexis Lopez Suspense 2018.10.18
Vampire Girl 2: Midnight Star Karpov Kinrade Paranormal 2018.10.25 Vampire Girl
Finding Love in a Coffee Shop Jordan Lynde Young Adult 2018.11.01
Robin Hood Kevin Sharp Fantasy 2018.11.05
Truth or Dare Mira Lyn Kelly Simmering 2018.11.08 The Dare To Love
Blurred Lines Lauren Layne Sexy 2018.11.15 Love Unexpectedly
Walk of Shame Lauren Layne Simmering 2018.11.19 Love Unexpectedly
After the Kiss Lauren Layne Red Hot 2018.11.22 Sex, Love, & Stiletto
Chase Me Tessa Bailey Sexy 2018.11.29 Broke and Beautiful
Seducing Cinderella Gina L. Maxwell Red Hot 2018.12.03 Fighting for Love
Red Kate SeRine Paranormal 2018.12.06 Transplanted Tales
Mr. and Mr. Smith HelenKay Dimon LGBTQ+ 2018.12.13 Tough Love
Only With You Lauren Layne Simmering 2018.12.17 The Best Mistake
Good Girl Lauren Layne Sexy 2018.12.20 Love Unexpectedly
Planning Bliss Michelle Jo Quinn Sweet 2018.12.27 Bliss
Doon Carey Corp Young Adult 2018.12.30 Doon
Eye Candy Jessica Lemmon Sweet 2019.01.03 Real Love
The Duke and the Domina Jenn LeBlanc Red Hot 2019.01.10 Lords of Time
Sealed with a Curse Cecy Robson Paranormal 2019.01.14 Weird Girls
The Fixer HelenKay Dimon Suspense 2019.01.17 Games People Play
Tainted Bodies Sarah Robinson Red Hot 2019.01.24
Irresistibly Yours Lauren Layne Red Hot 2019.01.28 Oxford
The Billionaire Bachelor Jessica Lemmon Sexy 2019.01.31 Billionaire Bad Boys
Arm Candy Jessica Lemmon Simmering 2019.02.07 Real Love
Strange Neighbors Ashlyn Chase Paranormal 2019.02.11
Suddenly Royal Nichole Chase Sweet 2019.02.14
Feel the Heat Kate Meader Sexy 2019.02.21 Hot in the Kitchen
Made For You Lauren Layne Simmering 2019.02.25 The Best Mistake
Touch & Go Mira Lyn Kelly Red Hot 2019.02.28 The Dare To Love
Love the One You're With Lauren Layne Simmering 2019.03.07 Sex, Love, & Stiletto
I Wish You Were Mine Lauren Layne Red Hot 2019.03.14 Oxford
Romeo & Juliet Romance 2019.03.18
Vampire Girl 3 Karpov Kinrade Paranormal 2019.03.21 Vampire Girl
The Catch Katherine Vine Drama 2019.03.28
Lux 1: Obsidian Jennifer L. Armentrout Paranormal 2019.04.01 Lux
Once Perfect Cecy Robson Sexy 2019.04.04 Shattered Past
Fly Boy Maya Tyler Young Adult 2019.04.18
Frisk Me Lauren Layne Simmering 2019.04.11 New York's Finest
Rules of Entanglement Gina L. Maxwell Red Hot 2019.04.15
Broken Lauren Layne Simmering 2019.04.18 Redemption
Cinderella and the Three Princes Jennie Bennet Young Adult 2019.04.20
Behind Closed Doors Anna Albo Young Adult 2019.04.25
The Wandering Earth Cixin Liu Sci-fi 2019.04.29
The Better to See You Kate SeRine Paranormal 2019.05.02 Transplanted Tales
Shielding Lily Alexa Riley Young Adult 2019.05.09
A Dangerous Position Sandra Grayson Young Adult 2019.05.11
Now & Then Mira Lyn Kelly Simmering 2019.05.16 The Dare To Love
Lux 2: Onyx Jennifer L. Armentrout Paranormal 2019.05.20 Lux
Flirting with Fire Kate Meader Red Hot 2019.05.21 Hot In Chicago
Intertwined Jerilee Kaye Young Adult 2019.05.24
Butterface Avery Flynn Simmering 2019.05.27 The Hartigans
Maid for Hire Catharina Octorina Young Adult 2019.05.30
Downright Delinquents Lauren Jackson Young Adult 2019.06.06
Infinite Havan Strange Young Adult 2019.06.08
Someone Like You Lauren Layne Sexy 2019.06.10 Oxford
The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky Summer Heacock Sweet 2019.06.13
Falling For Her Fiancé Cindi Madsen Simmering 2019.06.20 Accidentally in Love
Unbreak Our Hearts Katherine Vine Young Adult 2019.06.24
50 Ways to Ruin a Rake Jade Lee Simmering 2019.06.27 Rakes and Rogues
Love at Stake Victoria Davies Paranormal 2019.07.04 Fated Match
My Billionaire Boss Kendee Bryant Sexy 2019.07.08
Private Practice Category:Samanthe Beck Red Hot 2019.07.11 Private Pleasures
The Roommate Nell Rochas Drama 2019.07.15
To Have and to Hold Lauren Layne Sexy 2019.07.18 The Wedding Belles
Blackmail Boyfriend Chris Cannon Young Adult 2019.07.22 Boyfriend Chronicles
Once Upon a One Night Stand Simone Shirazi Young Adult 2019.07.25
The Boy Next Dorm Ella FuPin Bailey Young Adult 2019.07.31
Passion on Park Avenue Lauren Layne Sweet 2019.08.02 Central Park Pact
Poison Study Maria V. Snyder Fantasy 2019.08.05 Poison Study
The Other CEO Jovi Annelin B. Uy Sexy 2019.08.08
Hard Crush Mira Lyn Kelly Red Hot 2019.08.14 Back to You
Against the Wall Rebecca Zanetti Sexy 2019.08.16 Maverick Montana
Just One Night Lauren Layne Sexy 2019.08.22 Sex, Love, & Stiletto Series
The Practice Proposal Tracy March Simmering 2019.08.26 Suddenly Smitten
Forever and Always Caitlin Willis Young Adult 2019.08.29
69 Million Things I Hate About You Kira Archer Simmering 2019.09.04 Winning the Billionaire
The Pact Kelly Gregory Young Adult 2019.09.06
Things Good Girls Don't Do Codi Gary Sweet 2019.09.09 Rock Canyon, Idaho
Beauty and the Billionaire Saiyidah Rahman Sweet 2019.09.12
The Wedding Date Natalie Roche Young Adult 2019.09.18
America's Sweetheart Jessica Lemmon Sweet 2019.09.23 Real Love
Accidentally Married on Purpose Rachel Harris Simmering 2019.09.30 Love and Games
A Taste of Sin Patricia K. Sweet 2019.10.09
Driven Elle P. Young Adult 2019.10.09
The Trouble with Love Lauren Layne Simmering 2019.10.17 Sex, Love, & Stiletto
Getaway Girl Tessa Bailey Simmering 2019.10.21 Girl
The Resurrected Prince Jordan Lynde Paranormal 2019.10.24
Apartment 504 J. Toro Young Adult 2019.10.25
Penthouse Prince Virginia Nelson Simmering 2019.10.28 Billionaire Dynasties
Temporarily Yours Diane Alberts Simmering 2019.11.04
No Flowers Required Cari Quinn Sexy 2019.11.07 Love Required
Protecting What's His Tessa Bailey Red Hot 2019.11.14 Line of Duty
When Trouble Meets Trouble Caitlin Willis Young Adult 2019.11.15
Neighbors with Benefits Marissa Clark Sexy 2019.11.20
All the Wrong Places Jerilee Kaye Red Hot 2019.11.25 Destiny's Games
Coral and Bone Tiffany Daune Paranormal 2019.11.27 The Siren Chronicles
We Own Tonight Corinne Michaels Sweet 2019.12.02 Second Time Around
An Ex for Christmas Lauren Layne Simmering 2019.12.05 Love Unexpectedly
Love Game Chapters Team Chapters Shorts 2019.12.06
May the Best Man Win Mira Lyn Kelly Simmering 2019.12.09 The Wedding Date
First Bite Chapters Team Chapters Shorts 2019.12.11
Beyond the Sunset Simi Dhanota Young Adult 2019.12.13
Too Hot to Handle Tessa Bailey Red Hot 2019.12.16 Romancing the Clarksons
A Dinner to Die For Chapters Team Chapters Shorts 2019.12.18
Saving the CEO Jenny Holiday Red Hot 2019.12.19 49th Floor
Love/Live Chapters Team Chapters Shorts 2019.12.20
Christmas with the Sheriff Victoria James Sweet 2019.12.23 Shadow Creek, Montana

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