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Carter Reed is a mafia romance book that was released on June 19, 2021.


Emma Martins is elegant, smart, and not afraid to get her hands dirty. When she's forced to make a dangerous decision, the only man she can turn to for protection is notorious mobster Carter Reed. But will his killer looks prove too tempting to resist?

Carter Reed is an ice-cold weapon for the mafia, with the powerful instincts to match. But his not-so-distant past with Emma Martins may be his undoing— or the best thing that ever happened to them both.

Carter Reed: ice-cold mobster, drop-dead gorgeous, and the only man who can save you. After a dangerous decision thrusts you into Carter's arms, will you be able to resist temptation?


Chapter 1: Say My Name

Carter Reed: ice-cold mobster, drop-dead gorgeous, and the only man who can save you. After a dangerous decision thrusts you into Carter's arms, will you be able to resist temptation?

Chapter 2: Stay With Me

You've revealed the truth to Carter: you have blood on your hands. Will Carter's help finally keep you and your friends safe? Or is the price for his protection too high to pay?

Chapter 3: Someone Protect Me

It's your first day staying with Carter, but his protection soon clashes with your desire for a normal life. Is this already the end of the line for your deal?

Chapter 4: Your Body is a Weapon

Carter has come back for you after you evaded your bodyguards, and you have no idea what he has planned. Will you both plunge into your dangerous desires?

Chapter 5: Fade to Black

After a night of high emotions, you've asked Carter Reed to stay by your side. But will you be able to break past his defenses?

Chapter 6: Give Me a Try

Your visit to Octave has been interrupted by Carter himself. Will your mutual desire finally spark into a flame? And is danger just around the corner?

Chapter 7: Loose Cannon

Danger has finally found you. Will you be able to fight alongside Carter and make it out of this shoot-out alive?

Chapter 8: Begging for You to Stay

You've asked Carter to stay, but his work keeps dragging him away, Will you ever be able to stand together, especially with more danger ahead?

Chapter 9: Put Your Best Dress On

As your relationship with Carter heats up, your life finally starts to fall into place. Is there a future for you by Carter's side?

Chapter 10: Off the Deep End

Carter has finally declared his love for you. What does this mean for the two of you moving forward? And could your love be endangered by a new threat?

Chapter 11: Scrambling in the Dark

Your life is in danger! Will you and Carter make it out alive? Or is this the end of the line?

Chapter 12: Behind the Scenes

Your relationship with Carter has risen to a new level. Will the two of you finally give in to your burning desires?

Chapter 13: The Old-Fashioned Way

Carter has asked you to stay- for good. Is life finally moving forward for you both? Or will your past come back to haunt you?

Chapter 14: Losing My Grip

Your worst nightmares have come true. How will you and Carter make it out this time?

Chapter 15: Break or Destroy

Carter has asked you to do the impossible. Do you have what it takes? Or does it all end here?

Chapter 16: Try to Be Human

After everything you've been through, you and Carter try to live normal lives. But when you attend the Richmond Hotel banquet, chaos begins to fall.

Chapter 17: War Zone

Carter's life is in danger— and you're the only one who can help. Will you and Carter finally escape and seize your happy ending?

Chapter 18: Do What You Will

It's finally over. Now all that's left to do is pick up the pieces- but will you ask Carter to stay by your side for good?



  • It's the first book of the Carter Reed Series.