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Billionaire Roommate is a sexy romance book released on September 29, 2020.


Molly Brandt is an independent woman who plays by her own rules. But when she can't find a new roommate, it's her billionaire best friend, Sean Wyse, who comes to her rescue. When Sean moves in, will she be able to resist temptation, or become more than friends with her new smoking hot roommate?

As the charming, powerful heir to a hotel empire, Sean Wyse rules Chicago. He has everything he could ever want... except the right woman! What will happen when you share a room with this dominant billionaire?


Chapter 1: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Sean Wyse is the charming, dominant heir to a hotel empire... and your best friend! When you need a new roommate, Sean comes to your rescue. But with just one wall separating you from this sinfully hot billionaire, will you resist temptation, or lose control?

Chapter 2: Best of My Love

You have a new roommate... and it's your smoking hot, billionaire best friend! The spark between you is forbidden, but when things start to heat up, will you cross the line and become more than just friends?

Chapter 3: Falling Slowly

You've made a sexy bet with Sean! But who will be the first to crack?

Chapter 4: Just the Way You Are

Sean Wyse is as charming as he is tempting. Will you be able to resist getting hot and heavy with this billionaire?

Chapter 5: Whole Lotta Love

Things are heating up with Sean! But are you ready to cross the line with your best friend?

Chapter 6: Can't Help Falling in Love

You crossed the line with Sean. Now that you know he wants you too, will the spark between you become a flame?

Chapter 7: Love on Top

You and Sean are finding it harder to resist each other every day. Will you come up with a plan to save your friendship, or throw caution to the wind?

Chapter 8: You Make Loving Fun

The tension between you and Sean is forbidden. Will you finally crack, and get down and dirty with your billionaire roommate?

Chapter 9: Make You Feel My Love

Sean kissed you! Will you finally let this billionaire give you everything you want?

Chapter 10: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

You and Sean are done waiting. Are you ready for the best sex of your life?

Chapter 11: Your Song

You just had the best sex of your life with Sean. How will you deal with the aftermath?

Chapter 12: Love Story

You're going on a camping trip with Sean... and you're sharing a tent! Will things get steamy under the stars?

Chapter 13: All of Me

Sean has confessed his true feelings for you! But are you ready to take the leap?

Chapter 14: God Only Knows

You just had a steamy night with Sean under the stars. But will you be able to hide your new relationship from your prying friends?

Chapter 15: Cuz I Love You

Sean wants to have sex in the woods! But will you get caught?

Chapter 16: Lay All Your Love On Me

You and Sean are keeping your relationship a secret from your friends. What kind of fun will you get up to sneaking around with this hot billionaire?

Chapter 17: Endless Love

Sean wants to whisk you away for a weekend, to a place where you can openly be together. Will you have the holiday of your dreams with your billionaire best friend?

Chapter 18: Both Sides Now

You and Sean were caught together! Are you ready to go public with your relationship with this famous billionaire?

Chapter 19: Like Real People Do

You broke things off with Sean, but this billionaire isn't ready to let you go yet. Will you fight for your love?

Chapter 20: We Belong Together

You just found out you're pregnant... and then Sean proposed! Will you find your happily ever after with your billionaire best friend?



  • It's the third book of the The Wedding Date series.