An Endless Serenade was a romance book released on July 12, 2018. It has been removed in 2019 without notice.


A young pianist, you play your way into the famous Beethoven Academy, but you can't afford to live in the city. Your older friend Paul offers you to move in, but that isn't exactly music to your parents' ears. When you get them to change their tune, you realize Paul may want more than friendship while your cute new classmate Elliot prefers solitude.


Chapter 1: Overtures and Passes

You've got problems. Getting into music school. Money. Parents. Your friend can help — but what are his motives?

Chapter 2: Artistic Freedom

Will you make your parents dance to your tune? What are your best friend's intentions? And who's that other cute guy?

Chapter 3: BAM

Music Hogwarts isn't for the faint of heart. Can you strike the right chord with the post piano thugs?

Chapter 4: Studio Clef

You're flying solo through the classical music jungle. The key to survival is forging the right alliances.

Chapter 5: Healthy Eating

You thought your first date would be a duet, but it turns out to be a trio.

Chapter 6: Playing Rough

When you team up with the cute underdog, you discover love and classical music are competitive contact sports.

Chapter 7: Taking Notes

Winter Competition is fast approaching. Your career may depend on it. Your friend is hands-on about helping you prep.

Chapter 8: A Saturday Quartet

Again, you go on a date with one guy and end up with another. You walk home solo. Or so you think.

Chapter 9: The Winter Competition

You know you're doing something right when you have enemies. And if they sneak up behind you, they fear you.

Chapter 10: Third Fiddle

You play your heart out. You've lost a frenemy, and you may have made a friend – but is your career over?


The original author of the story is Jordan Lynde. Her welcoming message for readers of the book is:

Jordan Lynde is a YA/NA author from western Massachusetts. When she's not writing, you can find her eating at new places, interacting with her readers on social media, or watching K-dramas with her cats. Follow her on Twitter at @jordanlynde_.


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